Sunday, August 24, 2014

First Day of 2nd Grade

Mark heading out the door on the first day.

Mark began 2nd grade this year at a brand new elementary school. Our school was very crowded the last few years, and this year Dry Creek Elementary opened. We no longer have a bus (which stinks) so we get to carpool, and Mark definitely misses the bus rides. He loves his new school and new principal, Mr. Rencher, though. It's going to be a great year.

This is the brand new school that opened this year!

Mark thinks his teacher Miss Taylor is really nice and has enjoyed the first week of school a lot. On the first day of school, they had a really fun assembly where a zookeeper brought the eagle owl for an assembly. They are the Dry Creek Owls and Mark was so excited because we see that eagle owl in the bird show all the time, and he found out it's name--BB. There was an article in the paper and everything. Here are some pictures of the owl and blurry Mark in the background.

The principal took these pictures at the assembly.

Mark chatting it up with his buddies!

This is the picture that was in the Deseret News.

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