Sunday, September 7, 2014

Seth's Check Up

Seth having an EKG.

Seth went back in to see the cardiologist a few weeks ago. I am still amazed at how well he behaves for all of the tests, and when the doctor listens to his heart for 10 minutes. Seth is so calm and still. It definitely makes the doctor visits easier on us.

Seth passed with flying colors. Everything came up perfect. We have been going in about every 6 months. But the doctor said we can go a whole YEAR before we go back. And then if things continue to look good, he said we might be able to go a few years at a time. I'm not quite sure I'm ready to go that long yet, but I feel so blessed that Seth has recovered so well from his heart surgeries. He is truly a miracle to us!

Eating popcorn at a baseball game---Seth loves popcorn.

Seth wanted to try underwear. He kept them dry for 2 hours,
but while he will sit on the potty, he has yet to actually "go" in the potty.

At Seven Peaks

At the new playroom in the Aquarium!


  1. Sometimes I forget he even had a heart problem when he was born. Yay for another clear report! So happy!!

  2. Nothing slows Seth down. It's great he had a good checkup.


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