Saturday, September 13, 2014

Water Fun

Oops, this post got buried down in a list of other draft posts. So it is about a month late, but I always say, "Better late than never."

The last two weekends we have done some fun water activities. Last weekend, we went out on Utah Lake with Glen & Ty and did some tubing. Dax and Mark both rode on tubes and we had a lot of fun. Mom even braved the tube and for a brief moment Seth thought about it, but he didn't like sitting on the tube.  We ate lunch on the boat and had a great afternoon. It was a fun trip!

Dax is so excited to ride on the tube!

Seth has great sea legs. He walked all over the boat and never fell.

Ready for the first ride.

Mark wasn't so sure this year, but Ty convinced him to go.

They look slightly horrified, but I promise they are having fun.

Seth thought he was brave, but he wasn't.

We all went together. That was fun!

Mark was worn out.

Seth got to drive the boat.

He loved being captain for a little bit!

The next weekend we went to Seven Peaks. We haven't been there since Dax was a baby, so none of our boys remembered visiting this water park. We went with our friends and we had a blast! The boys were so brave. Seth rode down the slide lots of times and kept asking for more. They loved the wave pool. Mark and Dax went far into the water and tried to ride the waves back. They loved playing in the kid section, too. We spent almost 4 hours there and it flew by. It was a lot of fun!

We went down this slide about 10 times. Seth loved it!
He's helping me take this picture though, so he isn't in it.

Dax went down the kid slides a million times.

Dad and Seth also ventured down the kiddies slides.

Those are Mark's feet sticking up over the snake...he liked to dive over it.

Dax and Mark are out past Randy...they went out super far into the wave pool.

Then Dax would run from the waves.


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