Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dax: Lots of Firsts

Dax has had a busy week. He began a lot of new activities. First, he began piano. We were able to start Dax with Mark's old teacher who is amazing. The whole day Dax threw a huge fit about how I was supposed to teach him and he was not going, but once we were there, he had a great time. And he keeps bugging me to practice every day.

First piano lesson
The next day Dax started a reading class at our local literacy center. The class lasts for four months and is geared to helping children learn to read. Dax loved every minute of it and was so happy when he came home. I hope he makes great progress in reading.

First day of literacy class preschool.

The following day, he started preschool again. This will be his final year of preschool. Dax is 5 and could be in kindergarten but we have made the decision to wait to send him to school like we did with Mark. It has been such a great decision for Mark, and we feel it will benefit Dax, too. Dax is going to preschool right here in our neighborhood, so he really wanted to ride his bike. Here's to another great year of school for Dax!

First day of preschool

Riding his bike to school


  1. You are growing up so fast, Dax!

  2. So proud of you Dax. Better practice that piano!!!


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