Thursday, September 11, 2014

It's Soccer Season...again!

I'm pretty sure that I write this post every spring and fall when we play soccer. But it starts to monopolize our lives, and so it is all I think about.

Mark is with his same coach from last year, but half of the team is different. Lots of boys made the decision to move on to competition soccer, instead of recreational soccer. We didn't think Mark needed to live an intense soccer life at the age of 8, so we stayed with our same league. Their team is the Ninja Turtles again which matches their green uniforms well. Mark played really well the first game...he scored 3 goals! He hustled all over the field and he worked really hard.

Warming up

It was the 8:00 AM game this week, so we didn't really get Mark's hair done! :)

Dax is on a new team this year. Randy is coaching and they are the Blue Dragons. Dax really, really wanted blue uniforms, so Randy hurried over to pick them up early. Our team looks to be pretty good. We were up 7-0 at half, but they don't keep score. Dax scored two goals, and he was running all over the field. He is so speedy! He is super excited to have his dad as his coach this year.

Excited for the game to start.

Speedy Dax!

I didn't get a picture of him before the game,
so here he is halfway through all hot and sweaty!

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