Saturday, August 16, 2014

Great Basin Day 3

On our last day at Great Basin we got up early (seems like the kids do that) and got the campsite cleaned up. We like to be packed and ready to go by 10am if possible, but it must've been 8am when we were on the road. 

We drove back to the top of Wheeler Peak and did a few hikes with Nate. The first was the nature trail that is pretty short. The boys liked it, though, and it is really beautiful up there. We started back down and decided to hike to Osceola Ditch. It was a short, straight downhill hike to what looked very much like a 100 year old ditch. We had to rush back up to the car to get to our cave tour-- note to self: skip that hike next time. 

We went on our second cave tour. Not that there is a second cave, but we did the same tour but a shorter version so Seth and Laurie could go. It was amazing how much different information we got from the second ranger. She only repeated a little of what the ranger from our first tour said, and some of what she told us directly conflicted with what he had told us. That was interesting. Anyway, everyone liked the tour, even though it was shorter. Seth loved carrying his own flashlight and being in the cave. He is a true adventurer!

After the cave, Grandpa bought us ice cream and we headed for home. We didn't even stop for lunch because everyone fell asleep. It was another great adventure.
Seth loved "Glen's Bus"--his name for the motorhome.

Okay, Mark and Dax loved the motorhome too.

Seth is a great hiker.

Nate was a trooper to come hike with us.

We have a family picture from this trip!

Not sure what Seth's face means in this picture....

Seth and Dax are always looking for unique places to pose for pictures.

Seth held Nate's hand the whole hike down to Osceola Ditch.

Dax found some "antlers."

Before the cave tour, they pass around formations for you to look at.

All of us in Lehman Caves

Seth LOVED his flashlight.

The boys got badges after touring the cave.

Mark and Dax became Junior Rangers.

I snapped this picture of a shoe tree in the middle of nowhere while we were going 70 mph.
Pretty impressive huh?

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