Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Halloween was our usual adventure. We got beautiful hand-made costumes from Randy's sister. Mark and Dax loved theirs, and Seth wouldn't wear his. The older boys were Ninja Turtles, Raphael and Michelangelo to be exact, and Seth was to be a cute little monkey. We got the costume on him only once, but at least we got a picture. After that, he cried if we even mentioned it.

We got Seth dressed up for trick-or-treating, though, after Mom improvised a really cute Batman costume. (Seth went to the Ward Party dressed as Spiderman with stuff he chose from the dress-up box). At first, Seth wasn't too excited about knocking on doors. At our first door, no one was home. At the second, we were told that the family wasn't ready for trick-or-treaters. The third family wasn't home either. Seth was really getting worn out on the whole idea. Finally, though, a door opened and he got some M&Ms. "I do one more tricks, Dad!" he said. I probably heard that 40 times as we covered most of our neighborhood. Each time he was as excited as the first. I'm pretty sure he only took 3 treats at the Custers, though I should've been watching him a bit more closely!

Mark and Dax were great trick-or-treaters. Dax only had to be carried most of the way home. Mark (almost) always remembered to say thank you, and the boys were told how cute their costumes were about 100 times. 

Mom and Dad don't care too much for Halloween, but it helps when the kids do!
For the Ward Party, Dad dressed as Capt. Kirk and Seth was Spiderman.
Dax makes a really great Raphael, complete with the occasional attitude.
Both boys required that Ninja action shots be taken.
Mark thought his nunchuks were so cool.
Mom thought her photography was so cool.

That precious smile lasted about 8 seconds in the monkey costume.
Mark had to do a ninja move!

Seth loves Batman right now, but making this costume the
night before was not what mom wanted to be doing!

Getting ready to go trick or treating

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