Thursday, November 13, 2014

Pie Eating Extravaganza

It's that time of year again... Hawk Walk celebration time. Every year Randy gets involved in some crazy stunt to reward the children for earning tons of money in their fundraiser. You've read about them before! This year it was a pie eating contest. Teachers could choose whether to participate or not, and obviously Randy isn't going to turn an opportunity like that down. 

The contest started with pies that were filled with disgusting things like peppers and worms. So the teachers threw that stuff all over the place. Seth was starting to get a little worried, especially when mom got hit by a pepper thrown by his own dad. Then the real pies were handed out and the chaos continued. Some teachers were trying to actually eat their pie, while most of them were throwing it, or spooning it onto other teachers' pies. Seth was not a fan of the craziness. He was half in shock through the whole event.

Randy won, of course. He requested banana cream pie and he ate it very quickly. Once he was finished through, the other teachers turned on him and he ended up with a pie thrown at this back, as well as one thrown at his face. It was a huge mess, but a huge success.

He looks happy now...

On your mark, get set....



Pie fighting!

Mrs. Yingling and Mr. Ockey were in heavy competition.



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