Sunday, November 9, 2014

Seth Has Stolen Our Hearts

Seth loves to cheese for the camera!
Maybe it's because he is the youngest boy. Maybe it's because he is our last child. Maybe it's because he has big brown eyes. Maybe it's because Randy and I love when our boys are two. Maybe it's a combination of all those things, but Seth is definitely pulling all the strings around here. He looks at us, says something cute, and we melt! We think he is so adorable.

Seth is learning his letters. He knows about 25 of the 26 in the alphabet. He consistently calls the letter 'R,' Rabbit, instead of saying it's name. It is so adorable we haven't corrected him yet. You can see it in the video at the end of this post. Seth loves to learn and we do a few little school activities each week while Dax is away at preschool. It's fun to teach him and read with him. Seth loves books, too.

Seth also loves music. He is always asking for me to turn on "songs," especially from Frozen and Beauty and the Beast. He also sings songs which is the most adorable of all. He know almost the entire song of "Baptism." You know, "Jesus came to John the Baptist..." and sometimes Seth changes it into a melody with "Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam."

Seth loves vehicles--trains, garbage trucks, tractors, anything with wheels. Whenever we drive anywhere, he points out every truck, bus, or train that we pass. He loves to play with those toys too and right now, his favorite thing is to build cars or trucks out of Legos.

Seth also loves to play games. Every day he pulls out a game to play--his favorites are Sequence and Guess Who!

Most of all, Seth wants to be with his big brothers. He likes to do and play what they are playing. Mark and Dax love to tell knock knock jokes and so Seth invented his own knock knock joke. It's in the video below and I guarantee you will chuckle.

We are so grateful that Seth is healthy. He went to the cardiologist a few months ago and everything checked out perfectly. He gets to wait a whole year before going back which is the longest we have ever waited. We are lucky to have Seth as part of our family and we love him to death.

Seth is always up for an adventure. Here we are at the Natural History Museum.

He is even cute when he's sleeping!

Making silly faces like his big brothers.

We had to take a picture with every tractor at the pumpkin patch.

Watching Frozen for the 10th time at grandma's with the cousins.

Seth likes to dress up. Here he is Spiderman with
a firefighter hat, sword, and horse.

Seth loves to be outside!

Seth couldn't believe how many pumpkins we saw.
Seth is a champ at the doctor. He never cries, and he puts up with all the tests.
I guess he's just used to it now.

I wasn't kidding about EVERY tractor at EVERY pumpkin patch.


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