Sunday, February 1, 2015

Bunk Beds

The boys real Christmas present this year was bunk beds! Randy and Glen (our brother-in-law) worked really hard to build this amazing bed. Glen designed the bed from a few pictures that we sent him and then he and Randy spent countless hours building, sanding, and staining the bunk bed. This bed is AWESOME! It has a dresser under the stairs so no space is wasted. There are huge drawers under the bed and it is super sturdy. And it was designed to fit in our tiny bedroom. It's perfect and the boys love it. They love to sit on the top and read. They call it "the nest!" Now all three boys sleep together in one room. Mark and Dax on the bunk bed and Seth in the toddler bed.

While we were putting the bed together, all of the boys had to sleep together in one room. We crammed two beds and a crib in Seth's room for two nights.
This is the room while we were waiting for the bunk bed to be built! 

Awesome bed huh?

Glen and Randy worked so hard on this bed!

The dresser under the stairs. It saves so much room!

The bunk bed is perfect!

The boys knew about the bed...this is them waiting for Glen to deliver it.

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