Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Dax's Christmas

Dax made lots of gifts...those are the smaller ones all wrapped up.
Dax has the most thoughtful heart in our family. He always wants to write notes or make things for people. This year at Christmas time Dax started making presents for everyone. It was really cute and he made Randy and Mark little Red Sox pennants out of paper, and a paper train for Seth, and a little family for me. But once he started, he couldn't stop. Dax made so many presents. He would count them every day so that he could make sure everyone had equal amounts. Every day Dax spent some part of it making something for someone in our family for Christmas. There were days that I wanted to pull my hair out because I had to find things for his presents, but I tried to never crush his Christmas spirit. He was very creative in what he gave to everyone. I hope that Dax will always be as generous as he is at the age of 5.  

Dax made this shopping cart for me.
Seth thought it was real and tried to ride in it multiple times.

Dax made Randy a telescope.

Here's the little family Dax created for me.

I had a wooden mitt and ball, so Dax painted them for Mark.
But he had to make a bat too. That's out of paper.

This the train that Dax made for Seth.

Dax also painted these blocks for Seth from scraps of wood in our garage.
I helped a little with the letters, but he did the rest.


  1. I love all the presents! The shopping cart is probably my favorite. And those letter blocks are amazing!

  2. He was getting the shopping cart ready when I was watching him and he told me all about how his Dad was the best builder of card board boxes that he had ever met.


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