Thursday, February 19, 2015

San Diego Trip Day 5

Saying good bye to Grandma and Grandpa!

Well, I'm not sure that Day 5 of the San Diego trip deserves much mention, but there were a few highlights.

We drove the entire 10 hours on Sunday, and we got an early start. We needed it, since you lose an hour on the way back to Utah. We really only had 1 stop planned on the way back to Utah. We made a short detour to the Redlands Temple to add another page to the boys (and our) temple books. The temple was beautiful even though we couldn't get up close because the gates were locked.

The Redlands Temple 

Other than a short stop for dinner at Denny's in Baker, California, we just drove. Somehow, the boys were amazing. On the entire drive not one tear was shed, despite the fact that we left San Diego at 7:30 am and arrived home at 8 pm. It really was an amazing trip!

While we love going on vacations, there is truly no place like home!

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  1. Oh, my gosh! Such a fun trip!! I'm so glad you got to go!! Incredible memories!


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