Monday, September 7, 2015

Garden Service Project

This was when we were leaving--the sun was just warming things up!
Our ward had to send 8 individuals to the Lindon Garden early one morning, and not a lot of people could make the 7am - 9am assignment. But Dad is not back to work yet, so we decided we could be 5 of the 8 volunteers.

We weren't sure what to expect, and we didn't know if we'd be weeding or hoeing, or what. This turned out to be perfect service for the boys, though. Mom and Dad were given knives to cut zucchinis, cucumbers and squash, and the boys were given buckets to stack them in. They were very gentle with the vegetables and loved looking through the leaves to find something to harvest.
We picked zucchinis mostly, but Dax helped gather these squash.
Dad, Seth, and Mark helped pick cucumbers too!
Next, Mom got assigned to wash vegetables and the boys were assigned to gathering. This meant riding around in the dune buggy with the senior missionary and gathering up the buckets. They were super eager to ride along and jump out to pick up the buckets, but they especially liked honking the horn, which they did a lot.
Everyone got to ride!
They thought it was so much fun to honk the horn.
They weren't slacking. Even though they rode around, the boys had to collect the empty buckets.
Mom got to wear this awesome apron while she washed veggies.
When it was time to go, the boys were asking when we could go back, so the senior missionary, who had quickly become their friend invited them to the store. He gave us a full tour and explained to them how Bishops send people to get the food they had harvested for free if they needed it. He gave them each one of the seconds (they took a zucchini, a squash, and a cucumber) which were slightly damaged or imperfect to take home.
We also helped them unload the veggies into the Bishop's Storehouse.
Mark got to push a cart. Dax pushed one, too.
We were so proud of the boys and how hard they worked.
It was an awesome experience and we will gladly do this service again anytime!
And we went to get a Roxberry afterward...lucky us!

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  1. How fun!! We didn't hear about this assignment... We probably would have joined you! Maybe next time.


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