Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Boating on Uncle Glen's Boat

Each year we try to get out on the boat with Laurie and Glen at least once. This year we went down to Utah Lake, and the water level was very low. In fact, while Dad was swimming even out in the middle he could easily touch the sludge on the bottom of the lake.

The boys didn't care, though, and all of them made it out on the tube. Mom and Dad also tubed, and we enjoyed lunch of sandwiches and chips. Only Mom suffered a little with seasickness. She wouldn't have made a very good pirate. Still, the boys really enjoyed driving the boat and moving very slow and very straight on the tubes. Each one took a turn riding with Nate, which was really fun for all four of them.
We are ready for some boating FUN!
Mark got a little brave this year...standing up!
All of the boys tubing together.
Dad went too...he gets the crazy ride.
Mom went for a short ride. Nate kept drenching her with water.
Seth with no hands!
Seth standing up. It was his first time tubing and he was by far the bravest of all our children.
They also love driving the boat!
Nate was such a great cousin and good sport about tubing with all the little boys.
Don't get a sunburn dad!
The Alders are great! They are so nice to take us out on the boat.
Fun in the sun!

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