Monday, August 31, 2015

East Canyon Yurt

Mark sitting inside the Yurt. He's a trooper to take pictures for the other blogs.
Our boys love staying in Yurts. And we love visiting new places in Utah, so when we saw that East Canyon State Park had Yurts to stay in, we set up a camping trip. We went the day before Pioneer Day!

After unloading everything into the Yurts, we headed down to the water. Unfortunately, the beach was mostly mud, so we couldn't really enjoy it. The only fun thing we were able to do was float from the dock back to the shore in our well-loved boat. The boys seemed to like that, and of course throwing rocks. So we didn't spend a ton of time at the water's edge.
You can't visit water without throwing rocks.
I can't believe how much they love this boat.
Even dad rode this time!
We headed up to Morgan County to check out some of the cool rock features and eat dinner. First stop was dinner at Taggart's Grill. This restaurant is fun because it has it's own exit. It has a beautiful yard and there were peacocks wandering the yard. We had yummy food and a delicious chocolate cake for dessert.
I was a huge fan of the onion rings.
Seth being silly for every picture!
Dax also being silly for every picture!
It was very beautiful outside at Taggart's Grill.
Mom tries to take pretty pictures sometimes.
Then we headed over to "the devil's toys" as Randy termed them. Devil's Slide is fascinating, and it's just a pull out on the side of the highway. Then we drove to look at Devil's Looking Glass which is an arch. And finally, we tried to find Devil's Gate. We drove past about 3 times on both sides of the highway trying to decide if what we were seeing was it, so finally we declared something Devil's Gate and headed back to camp.
Devil's Slide
Devil's Looking Glass 
Devil's Gate????
We went for a short little hike that started behind out Yurt and saw deer, bunnies, common nighthawks, and lots of bones. The boys really liked picking up the bones, which seemed to have been plowed up as the trail was newly cut. It was a nice evening hike and we had a lot of fun! We also spent some time looking at the stars because it was a beautiful clear night.
Lots of bunnies everywhere.
We watched this chipmunk eat berries for awhile.
Deer peeking up at us as we hike.
We are looking good for being so old!
Finding bones was the highlight for our boys on this hike.
Dax thought this was an antler, well he wanted it to be an antler. (It's not!)
The next morning we had breakfast and packed up to go home. We saw tons of bunnies and squirrels running around the Yurts, and the boys enjoyed watching them. There was also a hummingbird that lived behind our Yurt that Mark and mom loved watching.
The hummingbird!
On the way home, we stopped to hike the Mormon Pioneer Trail since it was Pioneer Day. The trail supposedly follows the path that the pioneers took through Little Emigration Canyon as they headed down to Salt Lake. We walked about a mile and then turned around. It was a pretty little hike and we told pioneer stories as we hiked. None of us had spent much time in this area of Utah, so after the hike we drove down a dirt road through the canyon to Jeremy Ranch. We had a moment of excitement when Dad claimed to see a beaver, and there were certainly plenty of dams and ponds, but it never showed itself to the boys.
I love Dax's hat on this hike!
Poor dad. He is always carrying someone on these hikes.
We love being outdoors together!
It was a fun camping trip! We can't wait to stay in Yurts somewhere else next time.

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