Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Picnic up AF Canyon

We spent a beautiful day up AF canyon visiting Tibble Fork reservoir. We stopped at a picnic spot where we ate lunch. As usual, Dad was finished first, and started distracting the boys by scrambling around on the rocks. Soon all three were walking away from their food and joining him. Even Seth was climbing up the huge boulders.

We made the summit of several mini-mountains.
Dax looks a little sassy up there!
After lunch we drove up to the reservoir where there seemed to be hundreds of people. We walked along the shore of the reservoir and had fun watching the baby ducks, but the boys were disappointed that there were too many people around to throw rocks.
Hey! We said no throwing rocks!
The ducks were pretty cute.
But these four were even cuter!
It was another great day for Utah's Adventure Family!

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