Friday, August 21, 2015

Roger Clemens in Utah

Natalie got us tickets for the Orem Owlz opener this year, and she promised us a special surprise. We weren't too sure what to expect, but we knew there would be a baseball game and fireworks, so we were super excited.

When we arrived, they announced a special guest who would through out the first pitch. We couldn't believe Roger Clemens was coming to little old Orem, Utah. Mark was especially excited as he has become a bit of a baseball historian. He reads everything he can about baseball players and can name most of the old legends like Lou Gehrig and Ted Williams as well as many of the stadiums like Ebbets Field. The fact that Roger Clemens came up with the Red Sox wasn't lost on him, so he was very excited.

The boys loved the game, and afterward they were allowed to run the bases, which they love. Then the fireworks started. They were really close and the boys were pretty nervous. They don't like the loud explosions, and Seth was ready to head for the car after the first Bang! The rest of us made it through, though.

The boys are no longer afraid of mascots. Finally!

Roger looked pretty good, but I don't think he could strike out a major leaguer.


After almost every game, they let the kids run the bases.

Hopefully we'll see thousands of baseball games in the next 50 years!

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