Thursday, August 20, 2015

Neighborhood Camping Trip

There was plenty of stick baseball played.
Last year we had an awesome time at Blackhawk Campground on the Nebo Loop with our neighbors. This year we wanted to repeat the experience, and we even decided to go from one night to two. So we booked a group site and contacted our friends and neighbors. There were a lot of people that had other commitments or couldn't make it for both days, but we still had a great time.

The first day, we arrived and got the tents set up. We divided up the breakfasts and dinners so that each family was only responsible for one meal for the group. That first night we had an awesome dinner of smoked meat, baked potatoes, and grilled corn. It was amazing.

Halfway through the night the wind really started to whip, and Dad had to go take care of the pavilion and chairs. Unfortunately, the wind brought rain, and it got pretty soggy before the sun came up. Like last time, though, our new tent was up to the task.
Graham relaxing.
We had fun even in the rain!
Our squirrel friend
The next day, we had waffles for breakfast. It's true, there were waffles and bacon on our camping trip. As you can tell, we ate really well! Since it was pretty wet in the morning, we drove up the loop and did the short walk to Devil's Kitchen, which our friend Maggie really likes to call Hell's Kitchen for some reason.
Rainy days don't get us down!
Natalie started giving kids some whipped cream and it really caught on!
Soon everyone, even Seth, wanted some.
Troy got a mouthful!

We saw this pretty deer on the drive to Devil's Kitchen.
Devil's Kitchen
After lunch, it had cleared really nicely so we went to Payson Lakes. Bill and Susan helped the kids catch fish (I think they filled their limits). Then we took a nice stroll around the lake and headed back to camp. That night for dinner it was Cafe Rio style shredded pork burritos. Then we told stories until dark-- There were some really good storytellers in the group! Then we watched shooting stars until the clouds rolled in. Suddenly, a storm hit, and we cleaned up as quickly as we could before hopping into bed.

Bill drew a crowd with his fishing skill.

Nat, Maggie and Kelby enjoyed the "beach."
Every child wanted to catch a fish. 
Not many people got in the lake-- well, one did.
Susan is quite a fisherwoman.
Look at that huge fish!
Russell got in on the fishing.
Seth's fish was bigger than him! (almost)
Aiden is a fisherman.
Graham posed with a chipmunk-- or maybe a chipmunk posed with Graham.
After many attempts even Grant caught a whopper!
Kinley and Sophie liked the walk around the lake.
Mark and Troy had a good time.
Well, at least Amelia and Kamryn are cute....
That pier better be pretty sturdy!
Even though it rained a little, isn't it beautiful?
The Ockey's posed by the lake.
It rained for much of the night, but it really didn't bother anyone very much. The next morning we cleaned up and had muffins, yogurt, and cereal for breakfast. Then we left the tents to dry and headed down to Grotto Falls. We did this hike last year, and it's going to be a tradition for this camping trip.

We definitely wore the Monsons out!
Penny was a pretty good sport. She liked eating dirt!
We spent a lot of time around the campfire. 
Seth and Aiden played Frisbee until it was too dark to see. 
The boys loved these bridges on the Grotto Falls hike!
Grotto Falls
At the Grotto Falls trailhead.
Even though it rained and many of friends couldn't make it, we had a great time and plan to do this again next year!
Seth and Nat love selfies.
Some people think they are always on stage!
Randy fell asleep. Big mistake!
We went for a drive through all the other loops and spotted these baby deer.
Still in cute!
We even saw a wild turkey.

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  1. It's cool that you saw a wild turkey. Looks like you had a lot of fun.


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