Monday, August 17, 2015

Yellowstone 2015 Day 5

On the last day, we headed back through Yellowstone and down to the Tetons. On the way through Yellowstone, we saw two bears right next to the road. A momma grizzly and her two cubs, and then we saw a male cinnamon black bear--I think it was the only male bear we saw.
Look at the cub resting on the log.
He does look just like cinammon.
We made the traditional stop at Lewis Falls. Can you tell from the picture that it's the last day of vacation? And we also stopped at the Yellowstone sign...we just have to every year.
Next time we'll face away from the sun.
Here's the obligatory park sign picture.
We love the Tetons because of the beautiful scenery. We started by hiking to Leigh Lake and threw lots of rocks. It's one of our favorite places to visit. Then we tried a new hike called Moose Ponds. The ranger told is that no one had seen anything good out there all week. Well, we decided to show him, so when we rounded the corner there were two moose standing right next to the pond. This hike was beautiful and green. And the most exciting part was as we were finishing the hike, it started to pour. So we had to run the last 1/2 mile and we were pretty wet, but we had fun and laughed through it all.

We bought this postcard-- just kidding. Great shot, huh?
Seth is one of the big boys.
That a picturesque picture of a squirrel.
This is the bridge at the Leigh Lake hike.
How do people not know the difference between a chipmunk and a squirrel?
These are the 2 moose the ranger said we wouldn't see.
It was so lush and there were tons of trees that had been gnawed down by beavers.
We'll gladly do this hike to Moose Ponds again.
Dax was very adept at dodging the huge raindrops.
We didn't get too wet.
After our hike, we headed to Jackson and happened to meet Grandma and Grandpa and Steph and her kids for dinner. Then we all drove through Swan Valley which we'd never done before. It was really beautiful, but the rain kept us from seeing more than a few moose. On the way back home we even stopped to get the world-famous square ice cream which we'd never heard of before. It was a fun end to a great trip!

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  1. What a fun trip!! I've loved reading about it.


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