Friday, August 28, 2015

Bear Lake Day 3

We loved the turquoise water at Bear Lake.
One of the reasons Grandpa Daniels lured us to Bear Lake was a family reunion at his sister Teresa's house. On Saturday morning, we drove around to the southwest corner of the lake and met with Grandma Betty and most of her descendents. We had a great time playing lawn volleyball. These volleyball games have gone on at Daniels Family Reunions for as long as mom can remember. They are epic games, and it was fun to see Dax and Mark show a little interest in their mom's favorite sport.
Grandma Betty with Seth and Charlie.
Mark getting into the volleyball fever.
Silly people!
Dax loved volleyball too!
This is the pre picture.
Now the final product. We love our Daniels Bunch shirts.
The kids also launched paper rockets with a stomp-launcher, and we had lunch. It was nice to sit and talk with all the family, which doesn't happen often enough.

We spent most of the morning at the reunion and took a bunch of pictures. Then we rode back around to the Three Bears House. Dad took a nap and Mom and the boys trooped back to the lake for more fun. (Dad had 1 day at the beach and that is always enough for him!) We played at the lake for most of the afternoon and then, because this day was about family, we celebrated birthdays. There was a huge cake for pretty much anyone that ever had a birthday or anniversary in the Western United States (but mostly for everyone who had a birthday in June or July)!
The boys felt very confident with their life jackets.
I'm not sure if Seth ever got out of the boat.
Mark jumping the waves.
These three boys make me happy!
We missed dad, but had a lot of fun!
We dug in the sand a little bit.
Look, Seth is in the water!
The June birthdays on the left, the July birthdays on the right!
Later that day, Jason arrived and cooked up pork roast for everyone for dinner. Then we made telescopes out of kits for each family. That night, as the Webbs were telling their stories, we saw an owl flying outside, which got all the kids really excited! It was the perfect end to a perfect family day.

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