Monday, November 16, 2015


Halloween begins with the carving on pumpkins. This usually takes place as our FHE activity the Monday before Halloween. This is Dax's favorite activity. It's all he can talk about until it happens, and he very carefully plans what he is going to carve. The other boys have fun, too. Mom and Dad usually are the helpers, so we don't carve our own pumpkins unless we feel super ambitious, which we didn't this year. I was proud of the boys and their carving. It was definitely a win!
Scary Seth!
Mark is very focused when he's carving.
Seth told me what to carve on his pumpkin. We drew a picture beforehand so that I got it right.
Randy helped carve Dax's name in the back of his pumpkin for him.
I loved Mark's mouth that he created.
Dax tried to match his jack-o-lantern's face. And I love that he added hair to his vampire pumpkin!
They look even better all lit up.
This year for Halloween we ALL dressed up. I can't remember the last time I dressed up, but Randy has to because his 4th graders expect it. I decided that we might as well try and have fun with a Star Wars theme. The two older boys wanted to be Jedi, and I tried to talk Seth into Yoda, but he would have none of it. He wanted to be a bad guy, and he had to be blue. So we let him look through all the Star Wars books, and he decided he wanted to be Jango Fett. I made all the costumes, except for Jango Fett. I ordered that one on Amazon, but I made the jetpack! Oh, and my mom made the Jedi Cloaks, My Princess Leia dress, and Randy's vest--you know, the hard stuff that looks awesome. I'm so glad my mom can sew so well!

So here are the Star Wars stars of the Ockey Family!

Han Solo-- it's all about the attitude.
Princess Leia (from a 6 year old perspective).
Luke Skywalker 
Obi Wan Kenobi
Jango Fett
The jetpack was his favorite part!
Obi Wan needed one more pose!
Mom and Dad have their tickets to the December 18th opening night for the new movie!
Some of us think we're in a movie poster.
Britt came along too-- as Padme.
Cutest couple ever!

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