Monday, November 23, 2015

Randy's Foot

It looks bad!!!! And it hurts!
So, I tell everyone I injured my foot skydiving. That's true, technically. I was actually skydiving out of the back of Glen's truck after unloading the 4th and last load of dirt for our new raised garden beds. After a very short flight, I landed in a hole in the grass and felt a flash of pain, which was accompanied by a nice little pop in my ankle.

"Stupid, Stupid, Stupid," I thought, and I was mostly certainly right. I hate doing things like this, that make you feel old and fragile. Worst of all was, it was one of those things that you see coming as it's happening-- like locking your keys in the car: you're pushing the door shut, saying, "Wait! Stop! The keys are in there!" but your hand just keeps on pushing.

Anyway, the ankle was soon softball sized, and though I was almost sure it wasn't broken, I didn't want to be that guy who walked on it for 2 weeks and then had to have 4 screws put in so he can never go through an airport metal detector again. So Natalie loaded me up, and we went to the doctor's office. We sat there for 2 hours while the tech tried to log in to the x-ray machine. Luckily, Grandma was at our house throwing up so at least the kids were sort of supervised. As I was literally hopping out the door to go to the Instacare, the tech called us back in and managed to take the x-ray. It was negative-- just as I thought-- but it took 2 hours and $40 for that peace of mind.

We waited a long time...too long!
Finally getting an X-ray!
His ankle was VERY swollen.
Here is the comparison between his two ankles. This is a few hours after it happened.
So they gave me a new brace, a prescription for Loritab, and an antinflammatory. I skipped the pain killer as well as my church meetings the next day, and by Monday morning a beautiful shade of purple had settled in the outside of my ankle. The pain's not too bad, but living with the stupidity of injuring yourself still stings quite a bit!
The first night.
A few days later.
A few more days later.
A few weeks later.

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