Saturday, June 11, 2016

Bryce Day 5

Our one last adventure was to a raging waterfall.
Our last day at Bryce Canyon we were tired, sore, and ready to be home. We still had half a day, though, and we were determined to use it. We packed up early and headed for Red Canyon. This is a part of the National Forest, and it as appropriately named, as you will see in the pictures below. We weren't really sure what to expect, but there is a Visitor's Center and some hikes. We ended up doing a few short hikes. The first one was pretty steep, and the boys were a bit chippy with each other, but we enjoyed reading the signs along the Pink Ledges Trail. Our favorite part was smelling a certain tree, which smelled just like butterscotch. The second hike led to 15 small arches, or windows, and the boys enjoyed counting each one. This hike was steep, too, but we did much better.
Scenic Highway 12 is pretty sweet. There are two manmade arches in the Red Cliffs area.
Dax couldn't believe how heavy the elk horn was in the Visitor's Center.
The hikes were really nice, and we enjoyed benches along the way.
Mom, you're supposed to smell the Ponderosa Pine, not taste it!
I hope these vacations are teaching our boys about family and togetherness!
In southern Utah, you find shade wherever you can.
Best picture of a chipmunk from the whole trip. I think it might actually be a Golden Mantled Squirrel.
I wish Mark were here to tell me!
If the boys see a crevice, they say, "Take a picture, Mom!" as they climb into it.
There were many windows on the Red Cliffs hike.
"That squirrel's got to be around here somewhere!"
The second stop was far up the road for lunch in Marysvale. Who knew this tiny town in Utah's smallest county has a pretty great restaurant called Hoovers. It was a little pricey, but we had awesome nachos, and ended with peach cobbler dessert, so I guess we deserved it!
Hoover's is in the exact middle of nowhere (also called Piute County).
Dad wanted to do one final hike in Marysvale Canyon called Bullion Falls. This hike turned out to be steep, nasty, and dangerous, but it led to an amazing waterfall that was tumbling about 75 feet. We couldn't get very close without making the hike even more dangerous, but we enjoyed a nice overlook and splashed each other in a stream. It was a great way to end a great vacation. Now we just need to to let our bumps, bruises, and scratches heal before our trip next week!
Dax looks like he needs a little rest.
Dad splashed everyone equally. He's like that.
Seth was surprised the water was so cold!
After Mark splashed Mom, she nearly dunked his head in the stream!
It was a nice shallow stream just right for jumping and splashing...
...and yelling at.

The waterfall was pretty from across the ravine.

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