Thursday, June 2, 2016

Lone Peak High Graduation 2016

I got an email from the principal at Lone Peak High School asking me to attend graduation this year. I was a little bummed because the program would be right in the middle of the day on the last day of school when we typically do an adventure like going to the zoo. But she explained to me that she was giving a speech in which she would present me on stage for a tribute to Highland Elementary, so I couldn't really say no.
Utah's Governor Herbert was in attendance since his granddaughter was graduating from Lone Peak.
He and his wife are right in the middle. 
The graduation was held in UVU's gymnasium, and Natalie and I were given front row seats, while Laurie and Glen watched the boys. Mrs. Bromley, the principal had said that she'd selected a student from each of the feeder schools for her highschool and asked them to choose their most influential student. One of my former students, Lydia McGill chose me, so I would represent Highland. When Mrs. Bromley got up to speak, I joined the other teachers at the side of the stage behind the curtain. It was a little scary when Lydia didn't appear immediately, but she made it in time to escort me up on stage while the principal shared a special memory that Lydia had written about my class.
Randy with Lydia (she's behind Mrs. Bromley)
Here they are walking off the's the best shot I could get of them together.
I also had a second experience, too. A former student called out my name on our Heber Creeper adventure a week or so ago. I remembered him and called him by name, JD Green, even though he was from my first year teaching, 18 years ago. He just graduated Penn State Law School and is headed to Anchorage for his first job.

I was amazed at how emotional these moments were for me. As an elementary school teacher, I don't often get to see the end result of these kids efforts. It was fun to fast-forward and see the success that comes from their hard work.
Parker Mecham was in Randy's 4th grade class.
Natalie and I marked all the students in our program who we had taught that were graduating and we couldn't believe how many there were. This was the group of students in Natalie's last year as teaching, so it made her feel really old. Normally, I hate graduations, but this event turned out to be a wonderful evening.
Bailey Frampton is the Student Body President and she was in Randy & Natalie's class.
We weren't surprised one bit to see her as the president...and she looks exactly the same, but taller.


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