Saturday, June 4, 2016

Memorial Day in Malad AND Pleasant View

The cousins at Daniel Daniels grave
We spent Memorial Day with the Daniels side of the family. Grandpa Daniels really wanted to attend the special American Legion ceremony in the Malad Cemetery, so we decided to remember Daniel Daniels. He came to America from Wales, then moved to Utah, and then eventually settled in Malad. He was the Branch President for 11 years and was also the local school teacher. Daniel Daniels was pretty important in the establishment of Malad, Idaho, and there have been Daniels living around there for years. Grandpa was even born there! After we talked about Daniel Daniels, we watched the program, which was really nice. The boys enjoyed the musical numbers, but not the 21 gun salute! It was fun to see my great uncle Royce (Grandma Betty's 91 year old brother) holding the American Flag for the program.
The Daniels gang minus Grandma Betty who was visiting with her brother.
Uncle Royce is the cutest 91 year old ever!
After spending the morning in Malad, we headed back toward Corinne to try a new restaurant, but unfortunately it was closed. So we ventured down to Brigham City and ate at Peach City Ice Cream Co. It was delicious, and crowded, but we all ate and then rushed down to the Ben Lomond Cemetery for the rest of our Memorial Day gatherings.
The ice cream is homemade at the restaurant...mmmm!
The boys are really into bunny ears right now!
The Maycock side gathered at the Ben Lomond Cemetery and we talked about Henry Cornelius Taysom Jr. and Ina Geneva Hammer. These are mom's great grandparents, and many of the cousins had a few memories of them. There aren't many histories, so mom recorded the stories that were shared. There were a lot of people! Dad counted 45 adults, plus all the children. This has become a big tradition for the Maycocks and we love getting together and most of the time is spent chatting instead of doing family history, but that's okay. It's fun to see everyone!
I couldn't believe how many people showed up!
It was practically a Family Reunion!
This is who we were remembering. My great grandma died a few months after I was born.
There is one picture of her holding me somewhere!
We take one of these pictures every family gathering.
The living Maycocks: Aunt Linda, Aunt Bev, Uncle Lynn, and my mom!

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