Friday, July 22, 2016

Bear Lake Day 1

Mom loved having her boys there to support her.
We were in no hurry to get to Bear Lake since we couldn’t even check in until 4:30. Besides, Mom had an appointment at Studio 5 to talk about free things to do in the summer. We all went along and sat in the green room while Mom went in and did the interview. The boys were very well behaved as we watched Mom go in and be on TV. She was amazing, just like last time.

We continued up the road and arrived in Brigham City for lunch at Peach City. Melanie and her kids were already there eating, so we joined them and had a good time at one of our favorite restaurants. Our next stop was the Brigham City Tabernacle, but it was closed, so we drove to Logan and stopped at their Tabernacle. We went inside and did a short tour, but we had to be super-quiet because there was a youth group in the choir seats doing a devotional.
Nothing like a burger and fries from Peach City!
The boys always want to sit at the bar, even though we never do.
Brigham City closed? No problem. We went to Logan.
We wish more of the old Tabernacles still survived.
We like to pose with statues.
We went to a park in Logan, and though it was nice, the rubber tile base was baking hot. We played hide-and-seek for a little while, but it was so hot that we staggered to the car in a sweat. We were still too early to get to the house Grandpa had rented, so as we drove up the canyon we took a couple of detours. The first was at Rick’s Spring, which is a natural spring and a nice little alcove. There is a cave, but it is really small. Still, the boys enjoyed going in, even though it split in 25 feet and both tunnels reached a dead end within 15 feet. Our second detour was out a road near the top of the canyon. We were hoping to see some wildlife, and though there were some beaver ponds and beautiful moose habitat, we didn’t see anything exciting. Still, we had a nice drive.
Dad is great at Hide-and-Seek.
Seth looks sweaty because he was!
We've really enjoyed becoming a caving family.
Pictures in caves never turn out very well.
This tiny crack was right next to the cave entrance.
When we reached Garden City, it was only about 4pm. Grandpa was pretty serious about not being early, so we stopped at the Garden City pond. This is a brand new city park, and they are still putting in a playground. As we got out we spotted a great blue heron standing on the bank. Predictably, he flew, but only to the other side of the pond. We were able to watch him for quite awhile. He was the bravest heron we’ve ever seen.
He let us get pretty close.
This will be a really great park soon.

We got all checked in at the house and divided up rooms. We stayed in a tiny room with single bunkbeds and a day bed with a trundle. It took us a few days to figure out that Dad got the day bed, Seth and Dax slept at opposite ends of the trundle, and Mark and Mom split the bunkbed.

We had dinner at a new place that is next to LaBeau’s (we were sick of hamburgers). The food wasn’t all that good, but the shakes were pretty nice, and there was a good variety. After our long day, we went back home and the kids watched Zootopia while the adults talked the evening away. It was nice to be together!
The tables at the restaurant were pretty cool.
This was our first time at Zipz.

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