Saturday, July 9, 2016

New Mexico Day 9

Today was the big driving day. We had to make it from Alamogordo, NM to Mancos, CO. That’s seven and a half hours in the motorhome. Mom planned a stop in Albuquerque, which was about halfway so that Glen could get out from behind the wheel for a while.

It was a short stop at the Albuquerque Balloon Museum. The museum was nice, and there were some things for kids, so that was fun. The boys got a checklist and had to find certain items in the museum. This worked really well for Mark, and pretty well for Dax. Seth wasn’t too interested. They all liked the balloon flight game, but only Dad could land the balloon on the target. All the boys floated too high, like Icarus, and ended up crashing their balloons. We learned some interesting facts, too, like that Japan sent 6000 balloon bombs to America during WWII, but only 1000 reached the Pacific Northwest. None of them are known to have caused any damage.
The balloon museum is amazing.
Here we are "flying" in a hot air balloon.
The museum was filled with fun things to do.
This was Mark's favorite thing, trying to fly the hot air balloon. He wasn't very successful.
Dax, Seth, Mom and Laurie built these air balloons and filled them with air.
There were lots of places to take fun pictures.

After about an hour, it was back in the RV for more driving. We finally reached Mancos State Park, which is beautiful, at about 7pm. Mom made mini pizzas and pasta, and we roasted marshmallows by the fire. Now Mom’s vacation is complete, since s’mores are what she lives for. The boys were really good in the rig today, so we are hoping that they can do five more hours tomorrow, which is what it takes to get back home!
Dax likes to roast marshmallows, but he won't eat them.
Mom loves her s'mores.
Mom and dad love taking selfies...even in the dark.

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