Sunday, July 10, 2016

New Mexico Day 10

Our last day of vacation was another driving day. We didn’t want to get started too early, though, because Mancos State Park is so beautiful. We slept in a little, and then Mark and Dad got to go for a walk down to the reservoir. It was nice and peaceful and a perfect way to start Father’s Day. When they got back, Seth was crying, so Dad took him for a walk and he was happy to spot a few chipmunks. Dad was having such a nice time with his boys he decided to take Dax for a walk, too. They walked the garbage down to the bin and spotted two Abert’s squirrels along the way. It was nice to be in this pinyon pine campground and walk around with the boys.
There were 3 little squirrels running around. We love their ears!
We had fun watching these Abert's Squirrels.
The boys played baseball with pinecones and sticks. Laurie was nice enough to pitch to Seth.
The campground was beautiful. 
In the meantime, Mom got breakfast ready and we had bacon and pancakes when we got back. Then Dad forced Mom to go for a walk, too, just to complete the circle. We both talked about how it would be great to come back and camp here someday.

The drive to home seemed endless. We stopped only once, and that was in Moab for lunch at Wendys. (The Moab Diner was closed on Sunday). The kids argued and played mean, Laurie slept, Mom and Dad were grumpy, we watched movies, but we made it! And Glen was the hero of the day. All in all, we agreed that it was a really great trip.
Dad brought the guitar and entertained us all for awhile.

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