Monday, August 15, 2016

Camping in the Backyard

We love camping no matter where we are!
We haven't had a real camping adventure this summer unless you count 10 days in a motorhome or staying at someone's house at Bear Lake. So we decided that we'd take the kids camping in the backyard. But of course, they had to earn it.

The deal was that Mark had to do 10 chores, Dax had to read 10 chapter books, and Seth had to learn to read 10 new words. Then we'd go on a camping trip. To sweeten the deal, we'd take them camping in the backyard when they were halfway through. They all hit 5 tasks, so last night was the big night. We set up camp right in the backyard. Tent, cots, chairs, sleeping bags, and everything. Seth was ready to go to bed at about 4:30 pm! But first we had tinfoil dinners cooked in the oven. We ate outside and then played games. The boys played some of our favorite camping games, and then we broke out the glowsticks for a game of hide-and-seek in the yard. The boys always love it a little more when Mom and Dad play!

The boys were super excited to sleep in the tent.
So excited, that they were ready for bed in the afternoon!
We played the games from the camping box. Nothing beats some rousing games of Big Fish Little Fish. 
Glow sticks in the light! 
Glow sticks in the dark!
They make the perfect night lights!
We had a great night with the glowsticks acting as night lights. Then the next morning we had pancakes for breakfast. It was pretty nice not loading and unloading the van, and most everyone stayed pretty clean! Now we'll see if we can get those other 5 tasks done!

We loved eating our meals outside!

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