Monday, August 8, 2016

Seth's Birthday!

Seth is growing up too fast!
Seth turned 4 this year. He had a really special birthday because we spent his actual birthday at Bear Lake.

So the weekend before we left for Bear Lake, we had a birthday party for Seth. We invited Laurie & Glen, and their boys, as well as Grandpa Ockey. Seth really wanted a very specific cake. He told me exactly what it should look like with a shark chasing fish, and sand and plants and everything. The best part was when he told me how much he liked it. It made all the hours in the kitchen worth it.
Mom has a long tradition of making custom birthday cakes.
He thought his cake was just right.
He is the master of 1,000 faces.
Seth especially liked the frosting.
He got some fun presents this year. Laurie gave him a big car carrier that he loves to play with, and he got a small guitar from Mom and Dad. Seth always wants to play his Dad's guitar, so we thought he might having his own guitar to play. He has enjoyed playing it, and his brothers have, too.
This guitar sounds good when it's in tune.
Seth also got to celebrate his birthday at Bear Lake. Grandpa Daniels bought him a big cake, and got a really fun #4 candle that lit up plus candles that spelled his name. His favorite gift was a Spiderman towel that Aunt Stephanie made for him. He also loved having all his cousins there to celebrate his actual birthday, and he loved spending the day at the beach.
Seth was really spoiled this year.
This towel matches Dax's Captain America towel.
A day at the beach is the best for a birthday.
Seth loves to play dress up. He is constantly wearing a different outfit: cowboy, Captain America, firefighter, and many more. He has a big imagination. Seth also loves to play school with mom. He is already beginning to learn to read, and is a very smart boy. Seth is also very loving. He loves to give Mom and Dad lots of hugs and kisses (or muchas smooches). We are so grateful to have Seth in our family!
Seth loves spending time with his dad, especially if it involves playing their guitars.

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