Saturday, August 13, 2016

Swimming Lessons

We tried something a little bit different with swimming lessons this year. I feel like my boys have been stuck in a rut with swimming the last few years, and so we found one of Randy's old students and convinced her to give Mark and Dax private lessons. They took lessons, just the two of them, for 5 days. It was worth it!

Even after the first day, I could see major improvements. And by the end of the 2nd day, they both jumped off the diving board. I couldn't believe it! I never thought in a million years that Mark would jump off the diving board. Mark definitely made the most progress. He swam across the pool and got much more confident in the water. Dax did well the first few days, but for some reason, the 3rd day he decided he was scared to swim across the deep water. No matter how much we told him it was the same swimming no matter the depth, he sort of shut down after that. The last few days were more difficult in getting him to cooperate. But he still loves that water, so I'm sure we can start fresh next year.
Sometimes it's still hard for me to believe Mark jumped off the diving board.
But he did it a TON of times!
Dax jumped off, too!
Seth took regular swim lessons at the American Fork pool. He did great, too. The first few days he did not want to put his face in the water. This is something I knew he wouldn't like. He hates water in his eyes. So finally, Randy bought him a good pair of goggles at the front desk that fit him. It made him a whole new kid. Seth was doing bobs, and going under the water all the time. Totally worth the $17 for goggles. They have changed his life. Seth made a lot of progress in swimming this year, too!
This was the first few days of class. He would cover his eyes during the kicks.
New kid with his goggles. I think this picture is hilarious!
He loves swimming lessons now!
All the way under the water. Another swimming miracle!
I don't need them to be Olympic swimmers, just be able to stay alive in the water, so hopefully we are making our way there!


  1. Oh! This makes me so happy!! I know what a struggle this has been for you guys. And yes, goggles from the front desk was a life changer for Isaac, too! So proud of your boys!!!

    1. Yes, you understand! Hopefully we have turned a corner!


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