Sunday, January 22, 2017

Seth Loves Itty Bitty Basketball

Seth loved Itty Bitty Basketball this year. He was super excited that he was placed on the Miami Heat team because his big brother Dax also loves the Miami Heat. Dax let him wear his Miami Heat jersey a few times, too.
Seth was thrilled that we had a Heat jersey. 
Seth is a pretty good shooter, but I was most proud of how well his dribbling developed. The very first day he could barely bounce it, but by the end he was able to dribble for a little while before the ball rolled away.
Seth loves taking longer shots just like his big brothers.
Seth is practicing his passes.
Seth became a pretty good little dribbler for a four year old.
I had a lot of fun watching Seth. He was so happy to be playing with the kids and always had a smile on his face. Seth is an intense defender. He also tried to help his other teammates by going down and laying a screen so they could score. It's not a true screen, but that is the intent! I was glad he was being so thoughtful!
Ready for Defense!
Seth's favorite thing is to run the race at the end. He told me that I had to video him running, and I did. It's a little blurry, but you'll get the idea. We can't wait for Itty Bitty Ball in a few months where he gets to try a whole bunch of sports.



  1. So fun!! He's a natural-- just like his brothers! I miss itty-bitty ball. Why do our kids have to grow up?!

    1. I know! I was getting so sad the last day because he won't do Itty Bitty basketball again. :(


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