Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Winter Hiking--Our New Favorite Adventure

I love hiking with these boys!
We decided to try a new type of adventure this year for our Utah's Adventure Family site. We put on our winter boots and hit the trails. We have never been on a winter hike before, and after hiking throughout the month of January, we feel like we have been missing out on some serious fun. We have fallen in love with winter hiking.

The trails are empty and therefore we have some great family time in the nice, clear mountain air. The boys are literally rolling in the snow the entire time, and eating a few pounds as well. We have been having a ton of fun.

The other perk of hiking this winter is that Mom got a new camera as a late Christmas present. Mom and Dad have debated upgrading their camera for a long time, and they finally decided now was the time. These hikes have been a great chance for Mom to figure out how to use it. She is still working on all the features, but everyone is pleased with all the new pictures. They are so much clearer! So now we have a billion great pictures to share.

Dax is a great winter hiker.
There are lots of snowballs thrown on our hikes, too!
Mark wanted to see if we could capture the snow falling and we could!
I can't believe how much they love rolling in the snow. Brrr!
Just taking a quick breather on our hike.
We wore them out on this hike.
Dad makes Mom be in the pictures sometimes, but he doesn't want to learn how to use the new camera.
Bridal Veil Falls was beautiful in the winter. I still can't believe we had never been.
We hiked the Swinging Bridge trail in AF canyon.
Mark is always willing to pose in pictures. 
Yep, this is what Dax looks like at the end of our hikes. 
Mark told me he loves the new camera. He mostly loves that I let him even touch it!
We can't convince Seth that walking on the trail is easier than tromping through the deep snow. 
Seth always throws snowballs at Mom first! Poor Mom!
We saw these elk on our trip through Provo Canyon.
Dad loves to teach the boys new tricks!
We hiked Little Cottonwood Trail and Dad had to take these two back early.
We wore them out with two winter hikes in one day.
Mark is getting so big! I can't believe it some days.
Mark and I walked a little further, and then headed back after the other boys.
Mark took this picture of Mom. The winter snow is so beautiful!
Mom was super excited to see some moose, but she couldn't get a good angle for a picture.
She decided to climb up the hill. It wasn't her best idea!
She did get some great pictures of the moose, though!
I am so glad that the boys are enjoying the winter hiking because Dad and Mom love it!

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