Monday, January 16, 2017

Hello, January!

We have had a slow start to adventure this year. It has been nice to enjoy time at home playing games and relaxing, but it doesn't make for much to blog about. There have been a few weeks with snow, but then it melts away and the boys are sad. When we do have snow, we take full advantage! Here are a few pics of our snow fun during the first few weeks of January.

Mark is our best shoveler! 
Seth loves to play in the snow!
Dax is also a great shoveler, but I snapped this cute picture of him just being outside! 
This is mostly how Seth shovels, by playing in the snow while we shovel around him.
There is a lot of snowflake catching and snow eating in this family.
Mom helped Seth build an actual snowman, not a wimpy one this time.

We finally went on an adventure the 2nd week of January. We headed to the Midway Ice Castles. Our boys love this adventure, and so does Mom. Dad is usually okay to go when we get free tickets for our Utah's Adventure Family site. He just doesn't love the crowds. This year was perfect, and even Dad agreed it was a fun time. The ice castle was huge and could accommodate large crowds without it feeling too squished. We had a great time exploring the castle while there was a little light, and loved seeing the lights come on as it slowly got darker. The slides were really cool this year since most of them were tunnels. Mom even barely squeezed through the little kid ones, and I mean literally squeezed through! We had a magnificent time and then headed to Dairy Keen for a delicious dinner. 
The boys love going to the ice castles. 
Seth loved the slides!
Dad also enjoyed the slides! 
Seth found a broken icicle and decided it was a popsicle just for him.
You had to squeeze through this opening to get to the slide.  
Dax eats more snow than food.
This is the tiny slide Mom squeezed through, but the boys went down multiple times.
We love when the lights start to come on. 
Dad tries to take pictures of Mom with the new camera!
It was a beautiful evening and a fun winter adventure!

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  1. Ooh! The ice castles look awesome this year!! And you totally got a new camera, huh?! I can tell in those first few pics! Lookin' good!


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