Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Randy's Birthday

Randy asked for one thing for his birthday: to see Rogue One. So I arranged for the boys to play at Laurie's house and Randy and I went to see the new Star Wars movie. We went out to lunch at Tucanos after the movie because if there is one food that Randy loves, it is a lot of meat. We had a great time eating and talking. We always love going on dates together.

Randy loves his meat. 
I am always laughing because I cannot take selfies.
Once we got home, Randy seemed a little tired, so we let him take a "little" two hour nap. Randy and I never wanted to eat again after our huge lunch, so I made dinner for the boys, and afterward we opened presents. Grandpa Ockey stopped by to wish Randy a happy birthday, but didn't stay long as he was heading up back to Sandy's house. 
Randy got 3 new puzzles from the boys.
He was super excited about his new Red Sox tie from my sister. 

Randy wanted a trifle, but he also said he didn't want a trifle because we can never eat it all. So I made mini trifles in glass cups. They turned out super delicious! Dax played, "Happy Birthday" on the piano so we could sing to Dad for his birthday. And we rounded out the day by playing Dad's new game Dungeon. 

Randy let me take a bunch of pictures, so here's number one: really? pictures?!
And isn't that cup trifle awesome?
Number two: Ok, I'll pose. Now put the camera away!
Number 3: getting sick of the pictures. 
Number 4: dramatic breath for the children!
Number 5: He's getting so old, we only gave him one candle so he wouldn't get winded! Ha ha!
We love our Dad. He is the best one around. He always makes time for each of the boys, and he is such a great example of service and love. We think he is the greatest!


  1. Happy Birthday!! Your version of your birth story is the best!

  2. Replies
    1. All my stories are true, even if they never actually happened. ~R

    2. Ha, Laurie! But entertaining!!! Especially the "memories" surrounding his birth.


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