Friday, December 23, 2016

Dax's Basketball Season

Dax was a good leader on his team.
Dax had an incredible basketball season this year. We didn't keep his stats for every game, but he was always the leading scorer, and he was still great at passing the ball. We won every game that we made it to, (we missed one and the parent who coached reported a loss), and they weren't even really close. Being ahead so much helped Dax share the ball.

During the last game, the other team scored on the first 6 possessions. Dax was aware of this, and so he took matters into his own hands. By halftime he had 20 points and we had an eight point lead. Most amazing of all, he took a shot at the buzzer from three-quarters court, and it rimmed out, hit the backboard, and bounced off the rim and out. Everyone was stunned because there are two people on his team that only rarely throw it high enough to get on top of the rim, even from right underneath.
Dax was a great defender, too!
Dax often dribbled the ball down the court.
Dax loved having his dad as a coach.
Dax had fun being coached by Dad, and they made a goal to have every kid score. In the last game, Dax passed to his buddy Gavin, who hadn't scored all season, for the entire fourth quarter. The ball just wouldn't go in for Gavin. On the last possesion Dax passed the ball to Gavin, and then got the rebound off the miss. With 12 seconds left he got the rebound but got knocked down and passed it to Gavin from his back. Gavin missed again, but Dax got up and rebounded again. He gave the ball to Gavin one more time, and he sent it through the net right as time expired. It was a beautiful end to a beautiful season for Dax!

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