Saturday, December 24, 2016


Every year we make ornaments with Laurie and her family. It is one of the best traditions that we have because every year when we decorate the tree we pull out our boxes of homemade ornaments and admire all of our handiwork. The boys love remembering what they have made in past years and we love talking about which ornaments are our favorites and which ones were fun to make.

We love pulling out our homemade ornaments every year.
There are so many after 14 years of making ornaments.

This year we used clothespin ornaments. We took the clothespins apart and then we arranged them in all sorts of different shapes to look like snowflakes. Then we painted them and added glitter and decorations. This was one of our favorite ornaments because we love the way they look on the tree. It was also fun for the kids to create their own designs. Dax made the best one because he thought outside of the box and created a star. We loved the way his looked and voted it the best one (even though everyone's turned out great). It's fun to sit around the table talking together and making new ornaments. We are so glad that we have this tradition to look forward to every year.

Dax's awesome star ornament! 
Mom's job was to get all the ornaments to the car without letting them touch while they were still drying.
She made it!
They look really beautiful on the tree. 

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