Thursday, December 15, 2016

Pie Month

Pie Month was a little bit sad this year. We had lots of people ask us about pie month, but we never seemed to be able to get our act together. Well, let's be honest: Mom was never able to get her act together. It's busy in this house.

So we kicked off pie month with an apple pie that we shared with our neighbors. Then we decided that we would let each of the boys pick their favorite kind of pie and help Mom make it.

Dax chose chocolate because he isn't really a fan of pie, but he does love chocolate. So he helped Mom make the chocolate pudding and the whipped cream and we created a super delicious chocolate cream pie from scratch. It was so good! Better than the chocolate pie I made last year, and super rich! Dax wasn't a huge fan, but Mark, Mom, and Dad were in heaven.
I miss Dax's cheesy face, so I'm glad he busted it out for this pic.
He was so excited to help.  
So chocolatey It will put you in a chocolate coma!
Seth picked strawberry pie because he also isn't really a pie eater, but he loves strawberries. He was insistent on making a fancy crust, so we made a star crust and everyone tasted the strawberry pie. Only dad seemed to like it, though. I made this pie last year and I remember liking it, but for some reason this year I was not in love with the strawberry pie. But I had a lot of fun making the pie with Seth.
He staged this whole picture. Aren't these stars cool?
It smelled delicious. Seth was so happy to make strawberry pie.
It looks pretty, but just doesn't taste like I wanted it to taste!
Mark picked pumpkin pie because it's his favorite pie. He did a great job of helping make the pumpkin pie and he a lot of the pie, too!

This picture is slightly frightening! 
Mark is a very professional helper. I didn't take a picture of the cut pumpkin pie
because it looks the same inside as outside.

Next year I will be better and make some new pies for pie month, but it was actually fun having the boys be a part of the cooking. I'll have to keep them involved next year, too.


  1. I love that the boys helped!!! The stars are cute!


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