Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Not the best picture, but here we are in our fancy clothes!
Mom and Dad hadn't been to the Nutcracker in a while, so we splurged this year and went to see the show at Ballet West. We were especially excited this year because our cute friend Karina was dancing the part of Clara. We've known Karina since the day she was born, and she babysits for us pretty often. Since Clara is the main part in the show, and Ballet West is Utah's biggest show, we thought it would be pretty special.

Then we got a call from our neighbors and they asked if we would mind giving "Clarina" a ride home. It would mean we'd have to stay a bit later, but we'd get to quiz her on the way home about how the show and the Capitol Theater are backstage.

Well, we decided to make a night of it and went to Benihana's in downtown Salt Lake. It was really nice, and Dad even ate shrimp without experiencing any ill effects. The ballet was great, too, and Karina did a wonderful job. It was really a nice night, and Dad doesn't even mind that he has to vacuum sparkles and faux snow out of the back of his car!
We were super excited about the food at Benihana's.
It is seriously so delicious. Just this picture makes my mouth water.
We haven't been to the Nutcracker for a long time, so we were glad to go this year.
I snuck a picture of Clarina when she was bowing. She was amazing!
We felt honored to spend some extra time with the star of the show!

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