Thursday, February 9, 2017

Leonardo's New Exhibit--Aliens & Androids

Seth and I had the chance to visit a new exhibit at the Leonardo. We had so much fun wandering around and exploring the displays about space and robots. Seth was the only child there because it was a media preview and so most people were from the newspaper or news sites. We felt a little out of place, but Seth and I showed up in a few of the pictures in the newspaper. The Salt Lake Tribune did an article and included the following two pictures of us in the exhibit.
This is us experiencing the Mars Rover.
Seth loved being near R2D2 and closing the circuits on the robot.
I took this picture of him peeking through one of the Mars Rover tires!
Seeing Ironman was pretty cool, but we preferred the Star Wars robots!
After exploring the new exhibit, Seth wanted to visit every exhibit. So we built some Legos, played with the green screen, but we spent most of our time in the other new exhibit called Flight. This exhibit is about airplanes and he loved being in the cockpit! I think he would have stayed forever, but I knew that our parking meter was running out, so I hurried him along. Seth really hopes we can go back with the rest of the family, and so do I.

We built this really cool space ship.
Seth loved sitting in the pilot's chair.
He especially loved pretending to fly the plane.
It was fun to see how excited he was about everything.
Sometimes I get really sad when I think about Seth going to school. Who will be my little adventure buddy? At least I still have a year and a half before I have to worry about, and for right now, I am trying to enjoy all this special time that I have with him. And on a side note, people always say that the oldest kid gets more time with their parents...No way! This youngest child is getting way more one on one time with me than Mark ever got because once Mark was three, we had another baby around. Anyway, youngest children have all the luck!



  1. ...says the oldest child. I think you might have a biased view. ~R

    1. Hey, I'm just stating facts. Seth and I spend tons of time together. It's the other children who are neglected. ;) --Nat


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