Saturday, February 11, 2017

A Quick Memory of Seth

Seth came home from preschool with a tag on his shirt that said, "I am Special." He told me that they had a few extra minutes so his teacher wrote that for everyone before they went home. Then Seth said, "I have one for you, Mom." He pulled out a sticker that says, "Mom, you are special." I made a big deal about how much I loved it. Then I asked him why Miss Tina had written one for all the moms too, and Seth told me that he had asked her to make one for me, but no one else had made one for their mom. I was truly touched that Seth was so thoughtful and wanted to make me feel special. He is such a good boy, except for when we are trying to take a picture with our tags. It took 6 tries.
Seth takes the first two pictures to get his ugly faces out.
Now the lighting is right, but the face is still wrong.
He's becoming a little nicer with each face.
He actually thinks this is his best look.
He had a smile right until I clicked the camera.
Finally! We got the smile right, but his hand was in motion.


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