Saturday, February 11, 2017

Piano Festival

These two are amazing piano players!
Our boys had the chance to participate in a piano festival. There were different festivals that they could choose to do, and in February they chose a solo festival. They were required to memorize two songs. Then they performed for 3 judges and were scored on how well they played their music. They also had to perform with a small group of 4-6 students, so there were other people watching.

This was Dax's first time participating in a festival. He was really nervous, and worst of all, he had to go first! I was so proud of him. He remembered his songs, which was good, since he was so worried that he was going to forget them. And he played them very well. He also took a big bow at the end which he does not like to do. Dax has really developed into a great little piano player this last year. I am so proud of him.

Mark has competed in lots of festivals, so he is getting used to the pressure. He still gets plenty nervous, but he also did amazing today. He is getting so proficient at the piano and can sit down and play some of the Hymns without practicing. I am so glad Mark still loves playing the piano.

They both received superior ratings, which is the highest mark you can receive. We are so proud of both of them! I am not allowed to take any photos or videos during the performances, but we took a few afterward to remember their great performance day. The judges told the boys how sharp they looked in their suits. They also commented on how well prepared they were, and they could tell they worked hard and practiced. It was so nice of them to take time to compliment the boys!

Dax looks so handsome in his suit!
Why does Mark look like he is about to go on a mission? Stop getting so old!!
Seth really looks up to his big brothers and can't wait to play the piano.

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