Sunday, February 19, 2017

Mark 4th Grade Basketball

Mark took a big step forward in basketball this year. Now he is playing on a team with a real referee, and worst of all, they play for fun rather than a snack at the end of the game. Still, Mark likes basketball, and we have seen him really excel. 
Dad is definitely the loudest coach in the league.
Dad is Mark's coach again this year, and he has challenged Mark to run the team as the point guard. It took half a season for the other players to learn that they don't stand around waiting to get a pass in, but when they finally got down court, Mark was great at getting the ball to them. Now, Mark's team scores many baskets before the other team even turns around because everyone hustles down and waits for Mark to get the ball to them. 
Mark's ability to control the ball and look up for a lane or a pass makes him a standout in the league.
Several times Mark has been given difficult defensive assignments. One game we even had a kid score 8 points in the first 3 minutes of the game. After we switched Mark over to guard him, he went scoreless for the last three and a half quarters. 
Seth and Dax like to try and steal the ball from Mark during halftime or warm ups.
Our boys think buzzer beaters are the greatest thing in the world. Mark got two buzzer beaters this year. He ended up lobbing a shot from the opposite foul line, but, like Dax's shot, it caromed off the back iron, much to our disappointment. Then, the last game of the season, Mark took the ball down the court and laid it in right as time expired. He was pretty excited, as you will see in the video below (and you can tell by the cheer that Dax was even more excited!). 
Mark is quicker on the dribble than many kids are at running!
Mark is really a very good basketball player, easily the best on his team. He sees the floor well, and passes, rebounds, and scores more than any player on the floor. He's had a lot of fun this year... and he hasn't even missed the snacks that much!
Here's Mark's team (we are missing Christian).

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