Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Dax's Research Recital

This is Dax after his presentation on the NBA. He was all decked out in Jazz gear. 
At our boys' school, they hold an event that they call the Research Recital. Mark is at Highland with Dad this year, but Dax wanted to do a Research Project even though he is only a first grader. We let Dax pick his own topic (Mark had done birds last year), and he wanted to research NBA basketball. We had a lot of fun helping Dax come up with ideas. He really wanted to find the best basketball players, so he found out the leaders in the 5 major basketball stat categories (points, assists, rebounds, steals, and blocks).

We also added some fun history about how basketball was created and how the NBA was established and added and subtracted teams. Dax made a Powerpoint to guide him as he presented his research, and he really enjoyed using Dad's remote clicker. Best of all, he did an amazing job on his presentation and learned a lot about the NBA.
Dax was great at looking at the audience while he spoke. 
He loved using the special "clicker" from Dad to advance his PowerPoint slides.
Mom was asked to be a "reviewer." This meant that she sat through some of the research presentations and asked questions. Then she wrote positive comments to the kids. She really loved it and regaled all of us with the facts she'd learned from the students. There were 4 reviewers in each room, so Mom was sitting with an aide at the school, the Director of Educational Media from the Alpine School District, and Miss Lehi!

She was able to watch Dax give his research presentation, too. Dax spoke softly, but he said everything he was supposed to and answered questions very well. Since the video is hard to hear, I'll just include a few pictures from the recital.
These are the kids who presented in the first hour with Dax.
Can you tell Dax is Randy's child? He loves pictures so much!
Miss Lehi wanted to take a picture with all the kids, too. She was super nice.

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