Monday, March 13, 2017

Day Off From School

For the past few years we have spent our March day off from school at the Hogle Zoo. This year we don't have a zoo pass so we had to find something else to do. When we woke up to snow, which was a new surprise, we decided to play in the white stuff, and then pretend it was a warm day.

So we did a few chores, and the kids headed outside. I made them wait until the sun was over the mountains and the temperature was close to 30 degrees. They played outside in the snow for a bit before coming in because it was cold. I told them all to get their swimsuits on because we were heading to the pool. Luckily, we have an indoor pool at our rec center which is a lot of fun. The boys spent a few minutes cheering and racing around, and we still made it to the pool by 10 am. 

The boys love to go swimming. Mark and Dax took off and went down the slide a thousand times, and then went around and around the lazy river. Seth and I hung out in the shallow end of the pool, and also in the toddler area. We stayed for 2 hours, and I had to drag them out. I was starving, but they said they wanted to stay forever.
Seth and I hung out together while the big boys did their own thing.
Seth was really brave and went through the waterfall! Then we went through together! 
Mark only stopped for a second for this picture. Dax wouldn't even pause!
After lunch, Dad called from work and invited us to come play pickle ball at his school. They had been having a big faculty tournament (teachers work really hard, you know!) So we headed out for a little pickle ball as a family. We had a lot of fun hitting the ball back and forth. Seth and Mark especially loved it, while Dax preferred shooting baskets in the corner. Mom and Dad had fun trying to hit it past each other and also had fun helping the boys learn how to play this new game.
Seth missed a lot at first, but he started to get the hang of it after a little practice. 
The principal was nice and left the courts up for us to play!
Dax makes great faces when is hitting! 
Mark played pretty well. His tennis skills kicked in!
I loved watching how focused everyone was while they played.
Randy used his tennis skills and Dax was truly amazed!
It was a great day off from school. We are now looking forward to a whole week of from school for Spring Break.
Dax also worked really hard on building the white house. He insisted that I document it!
The yellow triangle in the front is the fountain, and those blocks that look like a cross are actually the president. 

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