Saturday, March 18, 2017

Jonny Appleseed Day

So, we don't normally celebrate Johnny Appleseed Day at our house, and I am used to it being recognized in September on his birthday. Apparently, other people recognize it on March 11 for the planting of trees. I saw something on Instagram about it, and so we tried to incorporate some apple related food into our day. We began the day with an apple German pancake, which was delicious, but it got eaten so fast that I didn't get a picture of it. You will see that we didn't really celebrate much with Johnny Appleseed, but we still had a fun day as a family.

Randy played in one basketball game, and refereed 3 other games, so while he was busy, the boys and I tried out a new park in Orem since it was such a beautiful sunny day. Apparently, everyone else thought it was a nice day to visit the park because it was super busy. The boys still had fun, and I walked around snapping pics for our other website. We had the most fun playing hide and seek, or as the boys called it, Spy on Mom. The boys tried to get as close to me as they could before I saw them. It was a nice way for me to keep an eye on them because before the game began, I was never sure where they were.
This playground is a lot of fun, but it was sooooo busy!
Dax has always loved the monkey bars. 
Seth liked this bridge, and you can see Mark and Dax in the background.
Seth kept hiding from me!
Mark and Dax got really intense playing this electronic game.
They all loved this merry go round!
After the park, we headed back home and beat Randy there by about 10 minutes. He wanted to go on a hike, so we packed up and headed to Battle Creek Falls. We found all the people who weren't at the park on the trail. Despite the crowds, we had a really enjoyable hike. There was no snow, which Mom had worried about, and we got a family picture. We did the hike pretty quickly, enjoyed the waterfall, and made it home in time for Dad to barbecue for the first time this year.
Battle Creek Falls is one of our favorite hikes!
We love this hike! 
Mom was trying out new features on her camera to get this special water effect.
The boys had been begging to go on a bike ride all week, so after dinner, we hopped on the bikes. The sun was setting, and we enjoyed watching the mountain change colors, the moon rise, and even had some swans fly over our heads. We went around the neighborhood once before it was starting to get a little too dark for riding!
Serious bike riders!
We kept stopping to admire the mountain in the sunset light.
Then the moon started to rise, and the boys insisted I take a picture.
We ended Johnny Appleseed Day with deep fried apples, a new treat we had never tried before. Everyone loved them except Seth. He asked for plain apples! Next year we will have to add a few more apple adventures into our day!
I think this picture sums up what it's like to take pictures of our children. 
Mom loved the fried apples. 

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  1. I've never heard of celebrating apples in March either. How fun!!


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