Monday, February 13, 2017

Searching for Bald Eagles

We have a yearly tradition of heading to Sanpete County to look for Bald Eagles. Some years we have seen close to 20, other years just a few, but it is always a fun adventure.

This year we only saw 5 bald eagles, but we saw a lot of other fun creatures. Before we hit Sanpete County, we saw this herd of elk hanging out in the canyon. Then we spotted this beautiful hawk--we have the hardest time identifying hawks, but since we got such a great look we can definitely say this is a Rough-Legged Hawk. We spotted deer in lots of spots, and finally we found some bald eagles.

The elk were right off the side of the road.
I think this Rough Legged Hawk has the most beautiful coloring.  
We saw lots of deer, but this one hopped right next to us on the road.
These are the first two bald eagles that we spotted. 
Then we saw this guy in the field. Mom thought it was a rabbit at first.  
He did not like his picture being taken. He moved all over the place whenever I tried to snap a pic.
We always make the quick drive over to the Manti Temple when we are in the area and remember how Mom and Dad were sealed together there years and years ago! And finally we ended the day with the best pizza on earth: Roy's Pizza. We love that everyone is happy when we eat there, even Mark who won't eat pizza. Thank goodness for the pasta.
It will be 15 years later this year. That's crazy!
Finally, on our way home, we spotted the turkeys in the canyon that we always like to see by Randy's cousin's house. I think we counted about 30 of them waddling around.
We love watching the turkeys.
And we love that our camera can take such great pics of them from across the road.
You can see that there was quite a huge bunch of them!

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