Sunday, April 9, 2017

Orlando Day 1

Surprise Trip!
Well, by some miracle we managed to keep our trip to Orlando a secret all the way up to our arrival at the airport. This required a lot of finesse because the trip was planned a year in advance, and about 20 cousins, aunts, and uncles all knew beforehand. We had our boys convinced that we were staying home this Spring Break, though, and they were excited for a trip to Cabela's.
The boys aren't sure whether to be excited or worried.
On Monday our flight left at 10:35 pm, and we knew we were in big trouble if the boys didn't take a nap. Since Mark is an impossible napper, we did what every good parent does and resorted to bribery. At about 2:30, we told them that we had decided to go on a trip, but that we'd be leaving at 8 pm. Everyone was required to take a nap (the bags were already packed and hidden away in the basement). As a reward, everyone who followed the nap rules earned $8 to spend on our trip, wherever it might be. Of course, everyone stayed quietly in bed without books, lights or toys for 90 minutes as the rules required, though Dad and Mark didn't actually fall asleep.
Secret bags packed in the basement. 
That night we left around 8 and the kids were not paying any attention until we pulled into the airport. Mark finally noticed, but he couldn't seem to wrap his head around it. We met Laurie and she drove our van home. Then we walked into the airport and met cousins, aunts and uncles, and Grandma and Grandpa. We let Grandma spill the beans about where we were going, and though we were hoping for a big reaction, the boys were nonplussed. There was really no reaction at all. We think they were a little overwhelmed with a surprise trip and riding on an airplane for the first time.
Off on an airplane! A totally new adventure!
Seth especially loved having his own little suitcase.
We watched the NCAA Championship, which ended just in time for us to board the plane at 10 pm. Mom and Seth sat up with family, and Mark, Dax, and Dad sat in the back of the plane. The boys said they were a little nervous, but they did fine on the plane ride, aside from not sleeping much. Everyone seemed to get 1-2 hours except Dad, and we landed in Orlando at 4:35 am Florida time, which was 2:35 Utah time. By the time we got our bags, rented two massive white vans, and got to the hotel, it was time to start out on our first adventure. But that's a story for Day 2.
Seth and Raymond loved watching them load luggage onto the airplane.
Dad tried to listen to his audiobook, but Mom (and Mark) kept talking to him.
Dax was just glad he could watch the basketball game.
Here's the gang waiting for take off.
The big boys sat with Dad in the back of the plane.
Mom and Seth sat over the wing by Abby!

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  1. You did it!! Can't wait to hear about the rest of the trip!


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