Sunday, April 2, 2017

Seth Itty Bitty Ball

Seth loves running!
Seth had Itty Bitty Ball again. This time around it was All Ball where they learn a different sport each day. Seth had a ton of fun, and Mom had a ton of fun watching him play. I think Seth's favorite part of the day was the warm-up because he loved doing pushups and situps, and racing around the cones. He also loved playing all the sports.

The first day they played baseball. Seth's favorite part was hitting the ball off the tee. The next day, they did football. Seth was very good at pulling the other kid's flags. Next, they did basketball. Seth loves to pretend to be Michael Jordan, so he absolutely had to wear his Chicago Bulls hat, which we got for $5 at Ross. They also learned some volleyball skills. This was Seth's least favorite day, but Mom's favorite. She is a volleyball champ. The last sport they played was soccer. Seth had his first year playing soccer in the Fall, so he was already an expert at it.
Seth loves playing baseball and is always pretending to be Babe Ruth.
All three of our boys have enjoyed this activity where they throw the footballs through the holes.
Seth already throws the football better than Mom.
Seth was a little intense during the football games. No one got past his defense.
Volleyball is kind of tricky for the little kids, but Seth liked using this large beach ball.
Seth wore his Chicago Bulls hat because he hoped they were going to play basketball, but it was volleyball day!
Seth is great at defense. He has learned from his brothers about staying between the ball and the basket. 
Seth loves to "play" Michael Jordan.
Seth is a great soccer player.
He would take it as far away as possible, and kick it as hard as he could toward the goal.
Seth usually made it! 
On the final day they played games against each other. It's so cute to watch the 3 and 4 year-olds try to play these sports. Seth is really good at all of them. He really enjoys Itty Bitty Ball, because he is already becoming a little athlete like his big brothers.
Seth likes to be around other kids, and enjoys playing sports with them. 

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