Friday, July 14, 2017

Appearance on Fox 13

We posed outside the studio. 
Mom has done KSL’s Studio 5 program at least a half dozen times to promote our website. She’s talked about hikes, waterfalls, and many of our other adventures. She’s pretty good on TV, and though she get’s nervous, she does like it. So when Fox13 called and asked her to be on their daily show, she agreed. Fox wanted both Mom and Dad on the show, though, and Dad wasn’t sure that was a good idea!

But we decided that on the day we got back from Bear Lake we’d stop at the Fox Studios and do a live segment. We planned really carefully beforehand. Mom would talk about the website, the animals, and the geothermal features in Yellowstone, and Dad would talk about the hikes and the waterfalls. Meantime, the kids could watch on TV from a small lobby in the next room.

The segment went pretty well even though Dad was confused when he saw the same lady several times and noticed she was in a different dress. Then Mom informed him that twins hosted the show, and they both happened to be pregnant! We don’t get a big bump in viewership on our site from TV programs, but it was really fun to do a show together! And Dad did wonderful! 
Mom loved having Dad as her partner on TV!
The best part was one of the camera crew came and asked us a lot of questions about Yellowstone before we went on live. She was heading to Yellowstone later that summer, and wanted to know everything we knew. It's fun to help people get out and adventure!

Here is the link to the clip in case you'd like to watch!

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  1. Ooh! How exciting!!! You guys are totally famous, and I couldn't be prouder!! I didn't see the show (of course, 'cause we don't watch much TV), so thank you for the link. Can't wait to check it out! I'm sure you were both wonderful!


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